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Ristco focuses on the optimisation of client value via the strategic correlation of risk, strategy, governance and performance management by addressing specific building blocks required to achieve the above.

Ristco was established in 2015 and provides services globally, but with emphasis on South Africa and Africa. We believe that an effective strategy implementation, governance and risk management are all critical factors for sustainable performance.

We strive for win-win solutions. In addition to the benefit of the client organisation, collectively the region grows more competitive if any country progresses – hence the importance of interrelationships to the advantage of all. Our destiny is to help you grow in a flexible, but sustainable manner considering relevant environmental changes and opportunities.

The name “Ristco” was derived from a combination of the terms “risk” and “strategy” and as such we believe that integrated thinking and solutions are required on entity level to be successful. As such the extensive training offering to complement the consultation dimension.

Client value is reflected in meeting the organisational objectives as an outflow of the Vision, Mission, Values and the associated strategy process – considering the triple context (financial performance, impact on society and the impact on nature) as defined in the King IV Corporate Governance Code.

The Ristco services are based on international best practices and we work closely / in alignment with amongst others:

  • Institute of Directors South Africa (IODSA);
  • Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA); and
  • PECB for certification training on International Standards Organisation (ISO) standards – also as the basis for transformational programs for clients.

About Ristco

Our Vision

Being a trusted partner contributing to client success in a changing world. 

Our Mission

Ristco contributes to client success addressing and correlating governance, strategy, risk, operations and performance management – even if individual components are in cases addressed.

Ristco also supports effective enablement and accountability via the provision of training on a global basis, but with emphasis on Africa.

Our Values

Integrity / Ethics

Contact Information

Johan Opperman
+27 83 233 4630


Risk | Strategy | Governance | Ethics | Performance management | Training

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